This is a pinoy free channel (for OFW), re-channel your receiver requency.

”This is a FREE Pinoy TV(OFW) all Filipino channels. Please re-channel your receiver frequency to get this channel specially from the Middle East.”

Watch PATV, the only one free channel TV for OFW around the world. Be a member also with IMPOK Service Cooperative for OFW – You can visit them in their website at and learn more about them

Sunday, December 4, 2011

PATV (Pinoy Atin 'to TV) Pang OFW na libreng Channel at walang bayad pa.

Pinoy Atin ‘to TV (PATV) is a first of its kind, 24-hour, All-Filipino channel that showcases entertainment shows, feature presentations and other relevant programming to uplift the welfare of our fellow Kabayans abroad through wholesome entertainment and effective information. PATV offer the widest range of programs designed to suit the Filipino’s tastes and preferences. This includes lifestyle shows, action and adventure flicks, comedy programs, showbiz and entertainment broadcasts, drama series and other news and information-based programs.

Pioneered and managed by Filipinos for Filipinos abroad. We maintain top quality Philippine programming at its finest using state-of-the-art broadcasting facilities to deliver world-class, region-based entertainment. This enables our well-thought concepts and programs to go on air with much clarity and brilliance. Hosted and delivered by PATV very own fresh and home-grown talents that breathes life, excitement and inspiration to all our programs.

Moreover, with the network's commitment to help and uplift our fellow Kabayans, FMI shares its privilege to all Filipinos to finally have a voice in the Middle East.  PATV is a free channel TV in Arabian Gulf in a free receiver channel.  If you don’t have this channel in your receiver, re-channel again or ask  someone who can re-channel or fix the frequency of your Reciever.   To those OFW who are not in the vicinity of   Saudi Arabian, you can see  the PATV in the internet.  Please click this link and your were be directed to the said tv program at or click the logo/icon above.
This channel is under Filipino Media Inc. is a premiere network company in the Middle East providing FREE-TO-AIR channel service to entertain and help improve lives of our Filipino expatriates in the region.

These and a perfect mix of quality programming, PATV serves as an oasis for every Kabayan abroad that bring every Pinoy closer to home.
If you're not getting this channel in your receiver, please re-channel it again or ask someone who knows how to check/get/change the frequency. Also to those OFW who are are not working the area of Arabian Gulf, this TV channel can be also seen in the internet, just go to their own website : This is a free TV Channel at walang bayad.