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"I’m just a simple person with a simple dreams and love photography. "

I'm a single parent with two kids (Jazzie and JV).  Right now I worked in Saudi Arabia.  I have a passion in taking photos such us landscape, macro, street photograph,  portrait and so on and that's why I love photography.  Fun also with the internet like surfing things which is very productive and interesting.  I even learned myself in designing just through the internet just being myself. I have a couple of completion or creation such as blogs and website.  It's Fun!!!... and actually, I enjoyed doing it myself.  I even designed some theme profile from other websites for free.  Please visit my free theme design for the said website at  Besides of these things as well, I love creating website and bloggings and even creating a groups.  For more details, please see below:

More about Me: (You figured out)
People who are born in the Horse years are independent, outspoken and sociable.  They never seem to run out of conversation.  They love the great outdoors, and often enjoy athletic pursuits.  There is a constant air of restlessness and impatience about them.  Horse people are usually quite honest and principled.  They are popular and attractive to the opposite sex. 

Horse people are often ostentatious and impatient.  They need people around. They reject dishonest behaviour and try to be straightforward in their dealings.  However, they maintain a healthy ego too, and this can bring out their selfish side.  The intrinsic element of this sign is fire, and its direction is south.  The Horse is the seventh sign of the Chinese Zodiac.

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