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Saturday, October 1, 2011

OFW-Kabayan Introduction (Huwag kalimutan, we still pinoy)

We are Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs who are employed in foreign countries as I do. We traveled abroad to seek a better opportunities in order to provide for the needs of our families back in the Philippines. We also known as "Overseas Contract Workers" (OCWs), since we worked in abroad through a contract of several years with our employer.

Our travel is a kind of adventure (pakikipagasapalaran) with many potential risks, such as high stress, loneliness and exploitation. We sacrificed to make a living and provide a better future for our families, which we are separated for months or even years.

We OFWs are not only helping our families to have better lives, but we also contribute the improvement of our country's economic status. The money that we remitted has also pulled up the economic status of our country with the overall dollar reserve. In recognition for the economic contributions we brought to the country, (OFWs) we are referred to as "Bagong Bayani ng Pilipinas" (National Heroes). Really?... The questions is…. Thus our government help us as well, if we needs in time of difficulties?....Thus the government help us from foreign countries in times of problems? Thus somebody heard about the problem arises from different probl
ems? Thus they knows, that not all Filipinos are very lucky in a foreign countries? Back home, we tried to provide our families with a better life, food in the table, children sent to school, etc. How long we would stay here in this foreign land? These are only few questions arises from OFW abroad...

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