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Monday, October 3, 2011

How To Renew Your Passport In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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If there is only one ID a Filipino should have, it should be a passport. Not only is it one of the most recognized documents in the Philippines, it's also the most recognized ID in any part of the world. Don't get caught not having without a passport, much less an expired one. So, make sure you renew your passport on time. Please remember that traveling in most countries will require you to have a valid passport for 6 months. For example, your passport expires on December 25, 2011 and you're traveling to Japan today, they won't let you in the immigration because your passport is no longer valid for 6 months.

When I first went home for vacation in the Philippines, I was so excited and forgot to renew my passport months ahead. Good thing, it only took a month for me to receive my new one or else, I had to re-schedule every thing. My father, who doesn't really pay attention to these "trivial" things, didn't know his passport is expiring in two months and he had to travel to Pakistan for work. He had to ask the embassy for a passport extension, which will only be given with valid (business or emergency) reasons. He finally had his passport renewed and he waited a month or so to receive his new passport.

The Philippine Embassy in Riyadh has recently introduced a new appointment system for e-passports. You don't have to wait in line anymore and you'll be able to request specific dates and time. It would be less hassle for your work or everyday activities. Only renewals are accommodated on this new system. Lost passports and new passports for children will be entertained as walk-ins. The Consular Section will accommodate 120 applicants daily so it is a must to get your appointment. Wag pasaway! :P No appointment, no entry! no processing!

The following information is taken from the Press Release No. 74-2011 (24 August 2011) of the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh.

How to get an appointment to renew your passport
1. The new appointment system is free of charge and the applicants may enlist themselves directly through either one of the following ways:
• By e-mail to indicate the full name, contact number and preferred time and date for appointment.
• By SMS (text) to 0560503895 indicating the full name and preferred time and date for appointment.
• Family applicants must indicate all the names of its members. Otherwise only one slot would be provided to them.

2. Applicant should make an appointment at least 3 days before his/her intended day of personal appearance in the Embassy.

3. Applicant can request an appointment date and time.

4. Applicant will be informed of the date and time of appointment.

5. If the appointment is not confirmed, the applicant must request for another appointment.

6. The applicant should be at the Embassy at least 15 minutes before the appointment for personal appearance.

7. Late comers will be entertained after finishing all applicants who came on time.

The Embassy is open Saturdays to Wednesdays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and Thursdays from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon except on regular Philippine and Saudi holidays.

Requirements for e-Passport renewal:
1. Personal appearance
2. Original old passport
3. Photocopy of old passport (data page only)
4. Duly accomplished passport application form that can be downloaded from the Embassy website: or obtained from Window 1 of the Consular Section or at the Information Desk at the Embassy lobby (no photo needed)

Requirements for replacement of damaged passport:
1. Personal appearance
2. Original damaged passport
3. Affidavit of Damaged of passport
4. Duly accomplished passport application form (no photo needed)

Requirements for replacement of lost of passport:
1. Personal appearance
2. Police Report with English translation
3. Affidavit of Lost of passport
4. Duly accomplished passport application form (no photo needed)

(Note: There is a 15 days waiting period before the approval of the passport application)

Requirements for newly born applicants for e-Passport:
1. Report of Birth form accomplished in 4 copies. (Form available at the Consular Section of the Embassy or the website)
2. Arabic and English temporary birth certificate and/or other supporting documents (e.g. Notification of Birth from the clinic/hospital where the child was born) – 3 copies
3. Marriage Contract of parents duly authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Manila (if married in the Philippines) or authenticated by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs with English translation (if married in KSA) – 3 copies
4. Photocopies of parents' passports (data page only) – 3 copies
5. Duly accomplished passport application form (no photo needed)

What to do on your appointment date

• Come to the Embassy at least 15 minutes before the appointment time.
• Proceed directly to the encoding Area for encoding
• After encoding, proceed to Window 6 (Cashier) for payment.

Passport Fees
e-­‐Passport SR 240.00
Lost Passport
Green or MRP SR 360.00 & SR100 for authentication
e-­‐Passport SR 600.00 & SR 100 for authentication
Newborn children
Report of Birth SR 100.00
e-­‐Passport SR 240.00

How do I get my new passport?

• After 30 days after applying for your passport, you may check the Embassy website at to find out if your passport has been received by the Embassy and is ready for release. You may also call 482-3815, 482-3559 and 482-1577

Releasing of e-Passport (Window 3)

1. Releasing will be in the afternoon only from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.
2. Bring the following:
a. Original old passport
b. Official receipt

If you cannot appear personally to collect your new passport, you may authorize a representative and give him/her a signed letter of authorization stating your full name and the representative’s full name.


  1. my philippine passport has been expired last december 12,2011. 6 months before i informed my employer here in saudi about its status and just replied not to worry they are going to do the processing. but todate it was not renewed yet and was told the authorized saudia still did not come to process it worried it has already been expired. i want it renewed asap do i have penalty on that expired passport for renewal?

  2. My phil. Passport will expired this january 2013,, I already ask my employer 5 months before to renew it,, but untilk now they don't process it,,, what will I do,,, I finish my contract here by april 2013.... I want to go home by May 2013,,, I'm not allowed to go outside to process it my own,, pls. Rwply my question