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Monday, October 3, 2011

6 Good Tips -Happy House Feng Shui

A happy house is not a miracle - it is a result of efforts applied to your home. These 6 simple but good Feng Shui tips will help to make your house happier .

Probably among everyone’s wishes is to live happily and healthy in a cozy and comfortable house that is always associated with pleasure and joy. Well, Feng Shui can help in making the wish come true. However, nothing will happen in a minute – making your home a happy place will require some time and effort (both physical and mental). The 6 Feng Shui tips presented below will help you to speed up the process of becoming a happier and healthier person that lives in a good house that is full of love, joy and wellbeing.

1. Clean and Declutter for Good Feng Shui
Though Feng Shui, as most people believe, seems to be about moving furniture around, the reality is somewhat different. Good Feng Shui of any home always starts with cleaning and decluttering. Drawers and wardrobes staffed with hundreds of unused items, barricaded passageways, cluttered tables and shelves – neither of such appearances adds good to your house or life. So, throw away everything unneeded or broken, clean and free the space around you, and your life will gradually become more organized, just like your house.

2. Happy House is Light and Fresh
Fresh air and light are not only good for your health, but are also an irreplaceable cure for the health of your house. These natural Feng Shui cures refresh and energize the energy flows within a house, making the home’s atmosphere more favorable for happy living. Therefore, do not forget to air your home regularly. If there are dark rooms or places in the house, consider illuminating them with additional lamps, chandeliers or frequently lit candles, so the energy in those areas does not become stagnant.

3. Good Feng Shui Smells and Sounds Well
Smells and sounds also have an impact on the quality of energy flows that fill a house. If pleasant, sounds and smells purify and energize Chi of the home so that it effectively works for the good of the dwellers. So, consider burning scented candles, essential oils or incense sticks, as well as playing relaxing calm music from time to time, in order to tune your home’s vibrations up to happiness and health.

4. Add Natural Life Energy
Pure energy of plants and animals greatly enliven the overall atmosphere of a house. So, a pet, or at least an aquarium, may become a great Feng Shui cure for improving you home and life. In addition, whether you choose to have a little friend or not, it is always good to have some potted plants in the house. They not only clean and refresh the air, but also clean and refresh the Chi of your home.

5. Know the Bagua of Your Happy House
While improving the overall atmosphere of the house is always good for all the aspects of your life, it never hurts to improve some specific area. Do you have a wish, a desire or a need to change something in your life? – Then determine where the Bagua area responsible for that life aspect is, and enhance it accordingly.

6. Love Your Home
Love and take care of your house and it will love and take care of you in return. Your house does everything it can in order to satisfy you. However, it cannot do more without your help: it needs your love, your attention, and your gratitude. So, be grateful to your home, take a good care of all its corners, thank your house for being your home and protection, treat it with respect and appreciation, and who knows, maybe with time it will thank you by helping to get a new and better one!

Feng Shui cannot change your life immediately. However, it can help to gradually move into better stages of life, and your home is your greatest assistant in this process. Therefore, take your time to make your house a clean and fresh place, so that it helps you to become a happy and healthy person.

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