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Friday, October 7, 2011

10 Ways to Fight-off Homesickness for OFWs

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What is the hardest battle an OFW must fight? A sickness that cannot be cured with prescription drugs; and there are no hospitals or clinic for this condition. “Homesickness” a paralyzing mental condition wherein a person cannot sleep and loses appetite to eat, very common to people that work outside of their homeland leaving their families behind.

On this article I would try to at least make a list of suggestions that may probably work to fight off depression caused by homesickness. As an OFW myself, I’ve been through it and still going through with it, it’s a continuous battle and you need constant motivation to go on.

10 ways to fight-off homesickness for OFWs:

1. Constant communication even through SMS. OFWs nowadays are luckier than those ahead of us 10 years ago when not everyone can own a mobile phone and have to settle for letters which take at least half a month to be delivered. At least now our families are just a text (SMS) away. So for those who are just about to embark on a journey of becoming an OFW, be sure to activate the roaming function of your SIM Cards before the plane takes off.

2. Set your priorities. Always try to remember the reasons why you left your family, the comfort of your home and the relax lifestyle back in the Philippines. For most OFWs the main reason is to augment the family’s income to be able to support the increasing expenses of a family particularly the education of the children. When you feel so blue, just think of the time when your youngest child climbs the stage and finally receives his/her diploma.

3. Avoid self-pity. You are not alone, there are millions like you around the world and almost every one of them feels the same way. Maybe some of them are feeling worst. Just imagine how many individuals would want to be in your situation now. I am not discounting the fact that there are OFWs that really are in trouble but then I would like to reiterate that this article is for those that are battling homesickness not the other “problems” such as abuses and those that are being exploited, sadly the only remedies for those type of problems are in the hands of our embassies and the legal processes.

4. Try to be social; “no man is an island as they say”. Find friends, befriend your officemates, your housemates and try to look for your long lost friends, I am sure that one or maybe two are in the same country as you are, except for some countries of course.

5. Treat yourself once in a while. Go shopping and buy something for yourself (it doesn’t have to be expensive) a pair of shoes may do, a shirt maybe. I understand the fact that you’re trying to save money but to spend just a little for yourself is not that bad.

6. Do things that you love. Your hobbies may even become your sideline, yes others earn extra bucks for doing what they love like cooking for parties, making and selling “kakanin”. Just don’t force it OK? You may like what you cook but for others it may be bland, just try other stuffs.

These are some of the ways that you can do being an OFW to combat homesickness. And now finally but not the least (actually you can disregard all six for this) for those who can afford it.

7. Buy a LAP-TOP, a PC which ever you want. Actually prices of lap-tops and PC’s are getting lower and internet connections is not that expensive at all for as long as you will share and divide the monthly bill with your housemates (Way cheaper than phone calls). Back in the Philippines, internet bill is not that high either and installation is free. Internet is an “all in one entertainment and communication thing”. I for one spend my time doing the thing I love to do.. “Blogging” my mind is so pre-occupied with what articles I would write that I have no time to be emotional thus being able to avoid feeling homesick. There is facebook also to keep you in touch with friends and family, long lost elementary classmates and meeting new people. It’s like a virtual community or a meeting place that we may call “Tambayan”. The world has gotten smaller with the internet so no reason to feel miserable.

That’s about it! I know I have mentioned 10 ways in the title but the remaining three would be for you to make. There are plenty of ways but try to avoid things that may result to complications, problems and other “not so good things” that may destroy you and your family in the process.

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